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Add your voice to the conversation


Lobbying and Influencing Policy


Clearinghouse for Information


Networking and


Learning and Development


Raising Awareness


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Time to honour our carers…

South Africa has the most amazing carers that are the backbone of the aged care industry in our country. The SACF is honouring them for the positive way they impact the lives of our elders, by shining the spotlight on them through our social media. If you have a carer in your team who you would like to be acknowledged publically please send a brief story with a picture or two, and their response to “why I am a care ambassador” to

Let’s celebrate care!

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Networking & Partnerships


The value of networking is huge.
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Government and civil society engage for the greater good. Public-private partnerships make a difference.
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Through the Country Connections Programme of IAHSA (International Association of Homes & Services for Ageing), partnerships are being established between under-resourced organisations in different parts of South Africa and other countries.



Following on from Care Home Open Day, the South African Care Forum is knocking on the doors of the CEO’s and leaders of boards of organisations around the country doing amazing work.

The SACF wants to shine the spotlight on our leaders in care, and share their stories with the rest of the country and the world. The insufficient focus is directed to all the “good stuff” that happens. Let’s share together and learn together, and together CELEBRATE CARE.

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