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Christelene Simerie, Care Partner / Supervisor at Huis Ina Rens, Paarl

Christelene Simerie_2

Christelene started her journey with Huis Ina Rens as a Care Partner on Casual basis. She soon distinguished herself from among her peers as dependable and helpful and she consistently walks extra miles without waiting to be asked.

When the opportunity arose, Christelene was offered the position of Supervisor. She experienced considerable envy and resentment from colleagues but faced them with confidence and determination, and with quiet humility proved herself time and time again.

Those that doubted her ability could not find any fault in her conduct or performance and those that opposed her spitefully has since proved themselves unworthy of the Care Partner title and no longer work here.
Although her duties no longer include direct caring for residents, Christelene is always willing and eager to help residents with personal care activities and often allows her colleagues to take their brakes and rest while she spends time with the residents. Christelene is very open and honestly cares for other people. She is authentic and real and does not pretend to be someone she is not. She has faced her own personal difficulties with dignity, inner strength and childlike faith. Her son is doing well at school and in sport and she is leading him to become a man of honor.

Christelene Simerie_4

Christelene has exceptional leadership abilities along with good organizational skills and great work ethic. She stands up for what is right, even if she stands alone. The residents respond to and enjoy her jovial nature and loving way she reaches out to them and includes them in the life of the house. Christelene has embraced the Eden Alternative approach and embodies person-centered care. She loves and respects the residents individually for who they are and makes them feel noticed and appreciated.

Christelene Simerie_3

Christelene is an immeasurable source of support to her manager and personnel and she leads the other Care Partners with respect and by her example. She holds and carries the residents in a very special way. She is a true companion and very special person.

What does it mean for you to be an Ambassador for Care?
“I love the fact that I am in a position to make an elderly person’s plight somewhat lighter. It means that caregiving in a personal, affectionate, respectful way makes someone (the residents) feel more humane, not forgotten, and most certainly not a burden. I don’t think of myself as an ambassador. Caregiving is in my blood and bones, it is, simply put, my passion” The SACF salutes you Christelene! Thank you for the amazing difference you make in others’ lives.