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Add your voice to the conversation

Conversation Hubs – 2015

SACF Newsletter Dec-3

During 2015 we held a total of 9 Hubs, in various venues around Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban and Bloemfontein; we even held an international skype hub on technology linking up with Lynette Ladenburg of LeadingAge in the US. Our last Hub in Durban, KZN provided an opportunity for Femada Shaman from TAFTA to share from her visit as a CommonAge scholarship delegate to the Leadership Retreat of the IAHSA conference in Perth and the conference where she presented on the work TAFTA does. The SACF was proud of her as our ambassador. Our SACF Chair also flew our flag in chairing the conference as IAHSA’s  Chair. Our last Hub in Cape Town was led by social worker Lydia Corbett and together we explored the “other side of Christmas”, how loneliness and feelings of sadness can be exacerbated in care homes at this time. On this occasion it was great to gain some insights from a couple of residents who joined us.

The Hubs are well attended and a great platform to listen to speakers on many relevant  topics and also provide you with an opportunity to get together with like-minded  people that you would not normally interact with in your busy day, but experience the same challenges you do.

We kick start our Hubs in January 2016 with Paul and Linda Bennett from Australia’s ‘The Aged Care Channel’ and they will discuss – ‘a different perspective on training’, this will take place in Pietermaritzburg, KZN on the 18th and in Cape Town on the 21st January.  Please check your inbox in the next couple of days to see where these will be taking place. Do let us know what topics you would like to explore and we’ll set up a hub around that and find someone to lead the discussion.

If you are willing to host a Hub at your home please contact Susan Grant on info@sa-careforum.co.za