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Add your voice to the conversation

Conversation Hubs March 2016


The start of the year welcomed Paul Bennet from the Aged Care Channel in Australia

ACCPaul facilitated two Hubs – one in Pietermaritzburg at Riverside Park Home and one in Cape Town at St James Retirement Hotel. He started a new dialogue for our sector on online training programmes. The SACF is working with Paul to facilitate reviewing some of their training material and seeing whether or not we can “South Africanise” it to the benefit of our SA sector. More as this unfolds!
Our April Hubs take place in Cape Town on the 7th (a discussion around refiring not retiring and disruption in the care sector, led by Lynda Smith) and in PMB on the 11th (a discussion around Personhood and Dementia, led by Rayne Stroebel).

Special thanks to Kelvin Glen in Johannesburg who will be facilitating the SACF in Gauteng, and Jo-Anne Stevens-O’Connor who will be facilitating the SACF in KZN. Quarterly meetings to foster collaboration and sharing in the care sector bodes well for making a positive impact for the greater good.

If you would like to host a Conversation Hub at your home or organisation, please contact Susan info@sa-careforum.co.za and let her know.

The SACF will be facilitating a meeting for the care sector in Namibia in May, to explore starting a collaborative network there. Some people from Kenya attended the SACF workshop in Johannesburg and were also inquiring about help to start a collaborative network. The value of collaboration and connection is being realised.