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Add your voice to the conversation

Dear friends and colleagues in the care sector,

Greetings to you at the close of Honour our Elders Week! Through social media I have seen that many of you have been involved in exciting activities creating awareness around ageing and destigmatising ageing. In KZN, Congratulations TAFTA on your active ageing sports and other activities where your elders have shown that there’s nothing stopping them – age is simply a number. PADCA you have created awareness using “BLUE” all around Maritzburg – well done! Very effective and the involvement of businesses and schools has been great! In the Western Cape many different organisations have celebrated ageing through a variety of activities also encompassing the whole community. Let us know what you have focused on in the other provinces – we encourage you to share your pictures and stories with the SACF.

The SACF was a partner in the Specsavers/People’s Post Community Champion Awards that took place at Kirstenbosch on International Day of Older Persons 1st October. The theme set by the UN for this Day was Take a Stand Against Ageism. An appropriate day to celebrate and honour the voluntary efforts of elders 70-79 and 80+ – they are indeed the glue that holds our communities together and they show that living with purpose is key to successful ageing. Seven finalists were nominated for the amazing positive way they impact their local communities. Read their profiles on our website…

The SACF Conversation Hubs are opportunities for the sector to engage with each other. Over the last quarter two were held, exploring the topics of Ageless Grace and the use of music with people living with dementia, from the perspective of a composer.

Our final Hub for the year In Cape Town was held @ Robari in Somerset West on 12th October. We explored what it takes to be a connector and looked at the value of collaboration.
In Gauteng, a Hub will be held on 17th November and this conversation will be around ageless grace (thanks Gina!) and the refirement network (thanks Lynda!).

Our year will end with a full day workshop led by Human Rights Lawyer and IR specialist Victor Southwell, Exploring Diversity in the care sector. Don’t miss out on exploring how to use the diversity in your organisation to add value to what you do. Please let us know if you would attend with your staff if such a workshop were to be held in your region and we’ll see if we can arrange this. Notices with booking forms have gone out. Book your place soon so you don’t miss out.