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Add your voice to the conversation

Connecting Globally



The internet is an amazing tool and the School of Health and Care Radicals within the NHS in the UK is to be saluted for their second School for Radicals held over the last five weeks. If anyone else around SA registered for this (it was advertised through SACF social media) please share your feedback through the SACF.  The course, “How to rock the boat AND stay in it” covered 5 modules:

  • Being a health and care radical: change starts with me
  • Building alliances for change
  • Rolling with resistance
  • Making change happen
  • Moving beyond the edge

SACF members can access all the learning material and videos of the sessions.  It was fantastic to be part of such an energetic and vibrant group of health and care professionals all trying to raise the bar of care where they are in whatever corner of the globe.


10th February saw 45 people from the NGO sector coming together to learn together about Fundraising.  Global Award winner Louise Driver, CEO of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust, and her team shared ideas and stories and inspired NGO’s to look at their fundraising from a different perspective. Again the presentation is available on the members’ portal on the website.

The SACF facilitated a workshop on Attentive Care in Johannesburg on 26th February. Sincere thanks to Rand Aid for hosting us in their beautiful Inyoni Clubhouse. Professor Andries Baart from the Netherlands explored “presence” in care through years of research into practice based evidence.  A very moving and beautiful presentation.  He agreed to this being recorded and the recording is available on the members’ portal on the website.


Members of the SACF have the opportunity to connect with other organisations globally to share together, and find ways of collaborating to raise their profiles, grow their footprints, extend their outreach, and together impact the greater good.

St Antonine’s in Amakazi, KZN, continues to grow their friendship base. Having had Sr Lucia visit Maroba in  Australia last year, a team of four from Maroba will be visiting St Antonine’s in August to work there for a month and spend time with the residents. This exchange is fruitful in terms of experiential learning and really affording an opportunity to understand each other’s cultures and care models. A connection is also being made between staff and residents at Star Aged Living, Queensland, Australia and the staff and residents at St Anotonine’s. From being an isolated home in rural KZN, St Antononie’s is now known globally!

TAFTA in Durban has started initial explorations with Southern Cross Care, Victoria, Australia to facilitate a two-way staff exchange.

PADCA in Pietermaritzburg have linked with AgeSong in San Francisco and residents are sending each other their stories and planning skype sessions – “getting to know you, getting to know all about you” across the globe! All very exciting.

The potential for the development of various types of partnerships is huge – there is great generosity of spirit across the globe. South Africa can tap into this and benefit enormously.