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Add your voice to the conversation

Leadership Profiles

Following on from Care Home Open Day, the South African Care Forum is knocking on the doors of the CEO’s and leaders of boards of organisations around the country doing amazing work. The SACF wants to shine the spotlight on our leaders in care, and share their stories with the rest of the country and the world. Insufficient focus is directed to all the “good stuff” that happens. Let’s share together and learn together, and together CELEBRATE CARE.


Ivan Oosthuizen – CEO, Livewell Villages

Livewell is a reasonably young company. Ivan joined 3 years ago and he attributes Livewell’s success to the compassion of the people in it; the senior management team, all the staff and the Board.

Read more about Ivan Oosthuizen



Femada Shamam – CEO of Tafta

Femada Shamam has been with TAFTA for 17 years. She recently took over the leadership role of CEO of this organisation. Her profile is inspirational.

Read more about Femada Shamam







Johan Raubenheimer – Ceo Flower Foundation

Johan Raubenheimer joined the Flower Foundation in November 2016 and after a two-month handover period with his predecessor, Cedric McKie, Johan has been flying solo as CEO since the beginning of 2017.

Read more about Johan Raubenheimer



Mike Schulze, Executive Director – Berea Gardens Retirement Foundation

A chartered accountant by profession, Mike Schulze served on the Berea Gardens Board of Directors for 6 years, as Financial Director, before taking over as full-time Executive Director 11 years ago. 55 years of age, Mike has no plans to move on. He is very happy in his position, has gelled with the ethos of the organisation, and feels he can still make a contribution in these times of change.

Read more about Mike Schulze



Ken Keen, CEO of Echo Foundation

Ken Keen, 60 years of age, moved to aged care after 26 years in the banking industry. He has been the CEO of ECHO Foundation for the past 11 years.

The origins of the Foundation stem from an initiative of the Red Cross Eastern Cape back in 1965 to look after the frail elderly residents of Port Elizabeth. In 1991 the Foundation was formed as a section 21 Company, registered as a non-profit organisation, with a defined mission of; “providing acceptable and cost effective housing, institutional care and community service to senior citizens”

Read more about Ken Keen





Marieta Kemp, Director of Social Services for the SAVF

Marieta Kemp, Director of Social Services for the SAVF at their Head Office in Pretoria, started with this organisation back in 1987. She has been with them for 30 years, and even though she is 61, has no plans to retire yet. There remains much to do! She maintains that the baby boomers stick to an organisation forever, not like the younger generations who change jobs frequently. Marieta is a social worker by profession, having studied at UPE.

Read more about Marieta Kemp




Margie Smith, CEO of TAFTA (The Association for the Aged)

TAFTA was established 58 years ago. Margie Smith, CEO of TAFTA (The Association for the Aged) in Durban, joined the organisation back in 1983 as a community liaison worker, supposedly for a few months as an interim project. It’s now 2016, 33 years later, and she has been the CEO since 2002.

Read more about Margie Smith






John Wilkinson, CEO – Trans50

John Wilkinson, 66 years of age, a clinical psychologist by profession, has been the CEO of Trans50 for the past 14 years. He attributes the success of Trans50 to the fact that it is an organisation that is financially sustainable – and that gives the board, as well as its clients, peace of mind. A strong Board of Directors also contributes to Trans 50’s success.

Read more about John Wilkinson






Barbara Segalla, General Manager of the Helderberg Society for the Aged

Barbara has been in her current position as General Manager since 2004, but her first involvement with the Society goes back to 1997 when she joined their Management Board. She attributes the Society’s success to good team work in terms of caring, organising and doing.

Read more about Barbara Segalla





Dr Michael Zipp, CEO of CPOA (Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged)

Dr Michael Zipp, CEO of CPOA (Cape Peninsula Organisation for the Aged), 58 years of age, joined CPOA in January this year, taking over the reins from Billy Rauch who retired after 20 years in office. Coming from the corporate world, Michael had spent 30 years in corporates, first with KPMG and then with Henkel working in Asia, China and then MD for South Africa in Johannesburg.

Read more about Dr. Michael




Anneke Bezuidenhout, Manager – Care of the Aged, VVA  (Vrystaat Versorging in Aksie/Free State Care in Action)

Anneke Bezuidenhout, 69 years of age, joined the VVA in the Free State, based in Bloemfontein, in 1985, to supervise social workers. It was in 1999 that the management board appointed Anneke as the person to head up and coordinate services to older people.

Read more about Anneke


Kelvin Glen_3

Kelvin Glen – CEO of Methodist Homes Association, Johannesburg

Kelvin Glen, 43 years of age, is the new CEO who took over the reins in February this year. Trevor Joseph, past CEO retired after 15 years of service, and Kelvin was approached to take the organisation forward and build on what Trevor had put in place.

The Methodist Homes Association was started by the Methodist Church, 45 years ago, to meet the needs for its ageing congregants and clergy in terms of affordable accommodation and services.

Read more about Kelvin




Sara Mills, General Manager of Fish Hoek Elder Care,

Sara Mills, 63 years of age, has led this organisation for 8 years. A professional nurse, she believes in the inherent good of people.

Fish Hoek Elder Care started with their first care home Carlisle Lodge in 1962. Ivy Carlisle was the Mayoress at the time in Fish Hoek, and supported the development of the first home for older people in this community. Nerina Gardens followed in 1976. They offer accommodation to 260 older people.

Read more about Sara



Chris Cilliers_2

Chris Cilliers, General Manger: Care, Residentia Foundation, Pretoria

Chris Cilliers, 54 years of age, joined the organisation back in 1993, starting off in the human resource division, bringing his expertise and experience in industrial relations to Residentia at a time when the workforce was volatile, and strikes were the order of the day. Chris then became the manager of one of the care homes, then another and currently is the General Manager: Care.

Residentia was founded in 1957 in Pretoria by the Dutch Reformed Church to meet the needs for accommodation for its older congregants, when their first home was built. At that stage government loans were easy to access for residential care.

Read more about Chris




Zabeth Zuhlsdorff, General Manager: Services , Rand Aid

Zabeth Zuhlsdorff, 59 years of age, a social worker by profession, has been in the employ of Rand Aid for 16 years, 10 years in her current position of General Manager.

Rand Aid  has been serving the community  for 113 years – what an achievement! Their first Patron was Lord Milner! When asked to what would  Zabeth attribute her organisation’s success and longevity, she focused on two key areas.

Read more about Zabeth





Ria Abel, Chairperson ACVV National Office, Cape Town.

Ria Abel is 75 years of age and has served the ACVV as a volunteer for 45 years – commitment, generosity of spirit, and humility forms the essence of her story.

She has been the National Chairperson for the past 11 years (the same period  that the current CEO Shanie Boshoff has been in position) but prior to this was involved in the management boards of a number of the ACVV  homes, and regions.

Read more about Ria







Hillary Mumford, CEO of PADCA (Pietermaritzburg and District Council for the Care of the Aged)

Hillary has 25 years’ service with PADCA, serving as CEO for the past 4 years. 59 years of age,  Hillary is a professional nurse, who when she started out as  a nurse had dreams of being a Theatre Matron.

Her journey into aged care has been fulfilling and she sees it as a privilege to be in this field of service.

Fascinated by older people’s life stories and courage, she is happy because she knows she does this well, and sees herself growing all the time.

Read more about Hillary