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Add your voice to the conversation

Let’s join the School for Health and Care Radicals



Let’s join the SHCR in their RCT event!

The School for Health and Care Radicals in the UK is organising a huge RCT!

Randomised Coffee Trials – the biggest one ever is happening in October! 

On 19 October 2016, the world’s largest Randomised Coffee Trial (RCT) is being organised – come on South Africa, let’s join in!   

What is a Randomised Coffee Trial?

A Randomised Coffee Trial (RCT) is a simple but powerful idea that was invented by Nesta, an innovation charity. You pair people up at random across your organisation and give them the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and a chat together. RCTs break down silos and get people connecting and learning from each other.

Why are we organising a Randomised Coffee Trial?
Because front line staff keep telling us they are experiencing less and less real-life, meaningful face-to-face interactions with other staff. In an era of complex workloads and electronic systems, we have lost the art of conversation and the many benefits it brings. We want to get the care sector talking again.

Conversation is a seriously underestimated tool for learning and change. RCTs are a simple but powerful idea….an effective, evidence-based way to build networks, break down silos, encourage collaboration and create real connections. Hundreds of organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors have introduced RCTs with great results.

We don’t prescribe the topic of the conversation for a RCT. During your coffee, you can talk about absolutely anything. It is simple an opportunity for reaching out, connecting, conversation, learning about each other.

What kind of Randomised Coffee Trial could your organisation take part in?
There are several types of RCT that you can set up and/or take part in, all based on the same principle of getting the sector talking again. You need to decide which type of RCT you want. You can choose anyone:

1.Set up your own RCT across your organisation or system – pair up your staff or pair up staff and residents!
2. Organise an RCT at your conference or meeting

So organise your RCT’s anytime during the week of 17th-21st October – pick the 19th if you can and join the rest of the world!!

As leaders, we are aware of what is going on in our organisations but we are not as involved or as connected as we could be. Randomised Coffee Trials are such a simple but powerful way of getting meaningful connections going which can lead to real change.

Here are eight evidence based reasons to join the world’s largest randomised coffee trial, based on the hundreds of organisations that have run RCTs so far:

  1. RCTs are a really good way of creating links within the organisation and encouraging us to collaborate
  2. People can create real connections that can help them be more innovative, linked up and ultimately more productive
  3. People discover amazing connections with people that they are matched to – we call this the transformational power of serendipity!
  4. RCTs give permission and opportunity to meet colleagues who are not necessarily involved in our day to day work
  5. They strengthen networks and lead to longer and improved engagement
  6. People enjoy the experience and it contributes to feelings of motivation and being inspired
  7. They support wellbeing: providing an opportunity to step outside of our work, take a break and pause while we learn more about our colleagues
  8. RCTs offer the chance to make time to talk to the people we should be talking to anyway and to meet people who we won’t be directly working with but it’s nice to know who they are!  – Radical Post