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Add your voice to the conversation

Benefits of Membership

You are invited to join the SACF.

We believe in linking service professionals, administrators, researchers, the academia and businesses supporting the care sector with products or services on a national basis to enhance the quality of care for older people and people living with disabilities.

Our members work across South Africa – some locally, others regionally or provincially, and some of our members are national organisations.

As a member of the SACF you will benefit from shared knowledge and experiences, professional development, educational resources and access to a national network of personal and professional contacts.

Join the SACF in three easy steps:

  • Read about the benefits of membership
  • Find out more about the different types of membership
  • JOIN the SACF!




  • Networking opportunities through regional meetings, workshops and  conferences
  • Access to a network of decision makers in the care sector
  • Invitation to events
  • Opportunity to link with global networks
  • Keep company with the best in service delivery


  • Discounted rates for SACF conferences
  • Special rates for participation in events organised by SACF network members


  • Up-to-date industry news and trends and links to research and articles
  • Monthly industry updates via e-mail newsletter


  • Opportunity to serve on, participate in, and lead special-interest groups/regional committees.




Including organisations that represent the full continuum of ageing services – old-age homes, retirement villages, other housing for seniors and people living with disabilities, retirement villages, home and community services, housing complexes for older people, assisted-living units, independent living etc

There are four levels of provider membership:

  • Multisystem organisations / multilevel / multisite / multiservice – R1 500 p.a.
  • Private retirement village / private care centre – R1 500 p.a.
  • Single site residential facility – R500 p.a
  • NGO with no residential facilities – R500 p.a.

(eg if Badisa is a member then each single Badisa site would pay R300 per year – other single sites whose overarching body is not a member would pay R500)


Research Institute/University – R 750  p.a.

Individuals (not employed by an organisation that qualifies for other membership category) – students/older people/people living with disabilities/professionals – R 350 p.a.


Businesses that currently support service providers with goods or services, or businesses that recognise the market potential of the ageing/disability-care industry and want to learn about this fast-growing sector of the economy – R2 500 p.a.


We look forward to welcoming you to the SACF. It is very important not to work in isolation, but to reach out, network with people within the circle of the “care sector” and be able to share knowledge and experiences and learn from each other. The SACF offers you the platform for this.

Our membership runs on a calendar-year basis, from 1 January – 31 December.

When completing an online application, please enter the name of the primary person associated with the membership.


Click here to JOIN