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News from across the globe

GLOBE copyThe IAHSA biannual conference, this time in partnership with ACSA, is taking place in Perth, Australia, at the end of August.

The precursor to the conference is the IAHSA Leadership Retreat. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for your up and coming leaders – not enough is done in our sector about succession planning and “growing” leaders to take over the leadership of organisations.

Go to www.iahsa.net to see the conference website and all the detail of the precursor programmes (research forum, technology forum, and leadership retreat) as well as the detailed programme of the conference. Global networking at its best and a chance to hear from thought leaders in aged care from across the globe.

Early August brings the 2nd World Conference on Healthy Ageing to Johannesburg. 1-2 August. See www.wcha2015.com

COMMON AGE copyCommonAge, the Commonwealth Association for Ageing, must be applauded for its efforts in facilitating opportunities for professionals and leaders from developing countries to attend the IAHSA/ACSA international conference, Global Communities Coming Together, in Perth, Australia,  at the beginning of September. Thanks to the generosity of the Australian aged care community, 17 scholarships have been awarded. The South African Care Forum is very proud that two people in  South Africa have been awarded scholarships to attend – Femada Shamam from TAFTA and Sr Lucia Rasiepone from St Antonine’s. Of the 17 awardees, 13 are from Africa.

This is fantastic! Work is at hand to set up an African Hub on Ageing and the first group skype session between Nigeria, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mauritius, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa , was held recently. The South African Care Forum is very excited and privileged to be driving this initiative in Africa.