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SACF Open Home Event 2016 Ideas

Open day logo2016-01



ACVV Huis Soeterus


ACVV Huis Soeterus in Strand will be taking part in the National Care Home Open Day on 10 June 2016 in stead of the 17th. We are planning the following at Soeterus:

• Local businesses can display promotional items and flyers @ R50 per establishment
• Residents display their arts & crafts and can sell for their own profit
• We will display photos and pamphlets of activities and functions happening regularly as part of promoting the Home to the public
• We will be selling soup, pancakes, vetkoek and chicken curry & rice
• There will be live music during the day
• We will be selling second hand clothing and other items (wit olifante)
• Tea and coffee will be available for free!!

The open day will be between 10h00 – 18h00

Please come join in the fun and support our Home!!!

 – ACVV Huis Soeterus



Plumstead Rusoord


We at Plumstead Rusoord are inviting all the churches’ women groups to join us for a special morning tea were we will the chance to inform them of the services we render in the community and ask them to help us with volunteering. We have a One Hour for Jesus on a Friday morning were Residents and staff come together and worship God, we will also be asking these ladies to join us for this special service with Bishop Joe Bell.

 – Rusoord Management Team



Langverwag Stellenbosch


Langverwag Stellenbosch are excited to have Radio Tygerberg with us for the morning. They will be putting on a program which can be shared with friends and family. Cobie Swart will be hosting. They have visited us before and are such an amazing team. Time to Celebrate!

 – Langverwag Stellenbosch





Silwerkruin will be celebrating Care Home Open day on 10 June 2016 with a Tea Garden,everyone in Wellington is invited to enjoy the morning with us.

 – Silwerkruin