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Add your voice to the conversation

Change Day 2015 Pledges


De-stigmatising Ageing


I pledge to de-stigmatise ageing. Age isn`t a sickness, it`s part of life`s journey!

 – Lydia Corbett



Compassion Care


To make Residents feel they are truly special and worthy human beings. Not to only listen with my ears but with my whole heart.

– Corlette Maritz



Give My Time


I pledge to give time to residents to really listen to them when they talk and have a little chat with them to break the loneliness. Show real interest in the resident as a person.

 – Retha de Jager


Supportive Environment


I pledge to create a positive and supportive environment where relationships and creativity can grow.

– Susan Grant




A Wise Generation


I pledge to do everything I can to be compassionate, kind and helpful to any older person and to show the youth how to respect and love our wise and wonderful generation.

 – Bronwyn de Smidt


Talk and Share


Talk about the work of the South African Care Forum.

– Lucia Smuts




Embrace Technology


To embrace technology to spread the reach of the South African Care Forum, nationally and internationally.

 – Margie van Zyl Chapman


The Kindness Project


I pledge to create an environment of kindness in all our homes.

– Rayne Stroebel




To spend more time listening to residents.

 – Caryn Straker


Say Something Nice


I pledge to give a genuine compliment each day.

– Yolande Brand


Being Positive


I pledge to point out more positive observations and experiences than negative ones.

 – Ide-Marie Venter




I am pledging to continue feeling Alive at work; to grow our residents’ sense of Belonging here; and Engaging with them warmly and sincerely

– Jacqui Sinclair



The Face of Care


I pledge to spread the word about how a group of fantastic people are influencing change and improving how care is provided in South Africa and how we can learn from each other by working together.

 – Gillian Moncaster


Positive Attitude


I pledge to be open and positive to change.

– Deirdre Joubert







I pledge to be always honest and ethical, carrying this attitude out to all of our homes

 – Doret Louw

Time is Precious


I pledge to share more of my time to minimize loneliness

– Maralize Conradie



Quality Changes


I pledge to always stay passionate about making a difference in the quality of life, of the elders I get to know.

 – Charlene van Zyl


I am Enough


I’m not smart enough, fast enough or good enough. It’s time to shift my brain from my shortcomings to focus on meaning instead.

– Wendy Venkatiah





I pledge to always be open to the possibility of change for good and help others in the process of accepting change.

– Magda Pienaar



Compassion Care


I pledge to involve the residents more in Activities, get to know them better and listen more to what they have to say…. :)

– Jolene von Kotze




Making a Difference


To make a difference be it small or big, near or far, wherever I go!

 – Denell Rossouw



To Listen


To listen to our carers and encourage them to feel part of the PADCA family.

– PADCA Senior Management Team






We Robari pledge to stretch joy, happiness and laughter in everything we do.

 – Robari Lodge Geratec



Sleep Well & Live Well


I pledge to help bringing about change by informing how night time sleep expierenced by older people in care can be improved.

– Ingrid Eyers



Dignity Care


At Hermon we pledge to care for our Residents with Dignity. To make the last of days as good as it can be, to be positive, active and preserve what is important for each individual in a homely environment.

 – Ilse Haasbroek


Keep Challenging


To keep challenging myself and those around me to see and take the next step towards improving the lives of those in our care.

– Pam Job





I pledge to create moments, spread joy and be someone’s sunshine when their sky’s are grey.

 – Joan Cockrell


Just do it


Random act of kindness, help any elderly person in need. Tell your friends what you did and ask them to top it.

– Andre Coetzee





To create a life worth living to elders in Huis Vergenoegd Paarl.

 – Huis Vergenoegd


Music Therapy


To more often try and cheer up residents through my music.

– Johan Grimbeek



Sense of Belonging


I pledge that I will work hard to ensure that all have a sense of belonging at St. Antonine

 – Sr Lucia Raseipone


Never Stop Making Plans


I Pledge never to stop making Plans….to make living in a Old age Home Fun and a place You want to live!

– Melanie Crozier



Stop and Listen


When listening to someone, to truly give my full 100% attention of what is being said, and not to multi-task it with something else.

 – Madeleine Schloms


Our Youth and Elderly


I want to encourage more interaction between our youth and our elderly.

– Aletha Hugo




Through Other’s Eyes


To be honest and sincere in my approach and to try and view the world through the eyes of others.

 – Lizette Kuhn




I pledge to make a difference in what we do… a life worth living

– Heinrich Kriek





I would like to change the lives of the elderly so that their lives will be transformed.

 – Mariana Strauss