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Add your voice to the conversation

Reflections on 2014

Reflections on 2014

How can your organisation benefit from our collaboration efforts?


  • Conversation Hubs started in February in Cape Town, and have grabbed the attention of aged-care providers.
  • The South African Care Forum (SACF) is leading the way in developing Conversation Hubs as a platform for encouraging service providers to engage in conversations around issues of care. And these forums are quickly expanding.
  • Conversation Hubs are community of practice conversations which facilitate the exchange of information around a particular topic and develop best practices. The forums strengthen a culture of sharing, break down organisational barriers such as feelings of proprietorship over materials or processes, hesitance to expand and take risks with progressive projects, and identify gaps in project implementation which can be fixed by process sharing.
  • This collaborative technique is championed by non-profits like the SACF, an organisation which hopes to provide cohesion within the aged-care and disability sector as well as create lasting networks and partnerships. SACF has launched a series of Conversation Hubs; the first was in February with a topic on how Dementia intersects with personhood and identity followed by a March Conversation Hub on end of life issues such as advanced directive and assisted dying.
  • Other topics dealt with through the year have included de-stigmatising ageing, engaging carers, sensitisation around hearing loss, spirituality and ageing, resilience in care work, and age friendly communities.
  • Usually hosted by a local care home, SACF has created a relaxed atmosphere by creating a “coffee shop” format where small groups can address more difficult conversations that are usually not addressed in larger care forums. Leaders originate within the Conversation Hubs themselves, and participants who have a particular interest in a topic are encouraged to take the initiative to set up the next meeting with their peers.
  • Next year a Technology Hub will be started, as well as a Director’s Hub, with the first such Hub looking at important Tax issues for NPO’s.
  • If you’d like to host a Hub, let us know info@sa-careforum.co.za