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Add your voice to the conversation

SACF Open Home Day 2017


Open your heart and home to the community! Join with care homes around the globe as this worldwide Open Day is embraced, and care is celebrated. Again, share your plans with our sector around the country and the rest of the world by posting on our website  – be a part of a wonderful day of celebration of community. Celebrate all the good that is happening! Let the SACF help you tell your stories through our social media sites. Many of our global friends watch with keen interest what is happening in South Africa, and as a result , many want to visit, see, experience and partner with organisations here.

We have a few suggestions listed below:


  • Carers to host a morning/afternoon tea session as an information based event at a local venue. Perhaps invite your current clients who can then bring along a friend to show-case your services.
  • Perhaps extend the invite to your local medical contacts (ie GP’s; pharmacists; podiatry etc).
  • Maybe there’s a local seniors entertainment groups around your area that can be invited as light entertainment.

Aged Care

  • Hold a “Memory Walk” event where residents loved ones can become involved by bringing in memorabilia and photos. OR;
    • Sensory Garden, residents along with their loved ones can walk around the gardens veggie and herb patch.
  • Conduct a food theme-based event with the site’s chef on show. This is a good way to promote the nutritional food your site conducts.
  • Consider an activity-based event with one of the following themes:
    • Residents art and craft
    • Painting
    • Pets
    • Fashion/hair/make-up
    • Music/dance
    • High tea
    • BBQ
    • Antique Roadshow
  • Invite the general public to inspect your rooms; facilities available and show-case the care, support services and technology available on site (including but not limited to light exercise/therapy/emergency call services)
  • Consider your site’s location and aspect surrounding – look at showcasing what’s around you (ie, country, hills, lakes, seaside and beach, metro)
  • Invite your local community to become involved (ie schools/council activity). For example:
    • Council book club over lunch
    • Council bus trips/ near and afar
    • Men’s shed
    • Art and craft/games billiards
    • Health and fitness

Add your Ideas below

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