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Add your voice to the conversation

SACF Workshops – Feedback & Upcoming

On Thursday 26th October a Conversation Hub was held at Silver Oaks, Somerset West – thank you to the Helderberg Society for the Aged for hosting us always! Peter Dicks, tax attorney, took organisations through the latest on tax legislation and VAT. Sincere thank you to Peter for his willingness to partner the SACF and give the SACF a percentage of his earnings from any favourable work he does within the care sector.

We will end the year with a workshop in Cape Town – to be held on 29th November at Vonke, Somerset West. Leon Grove, clinical psychologist will help us look at creative ways of overcoming stress. As the year starts to draw to a close I’m sure many of us are feeling rather stressed – so much still to do, end of year functions in the workplace and in our care homes, extra family activities, planning for Christmas and New Year. 

Gift yourself one day to step off the treadmill and learn some techniques to better cope with all of this.

Leon Grove was a very popular facilitator of a conversation hub earlier this year. He is back to help us with a full day workshop (9am – 3.30pm) – don’t miss out on this opportunity! Booking form available on website.