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Add your voice to the conversation

What’s happening at the South African Care Forum?



My pledge for Change Day was to get the SACF twitter account going, and to learn how to tweet!  Schalk from GAPdesign was a patient teacher but it has not been easy! However, you can now follow us on Twitter. We gathered pledges on our website and saw that there is much happening around South Africa, but not enough sharing! So share your news, share your triumphs, share your challenges.

The importance of telling your stories cannot be overemphasised.The NHS in the UK ran a recent webinar “Patient Voices” that focused on the power of storytelling. Brene Brown always says the story is “data with a soul”!  Use the SACF as your vehicle to share the stories from your organisation, and enable others to learn from what you are doing, and you in turn will learn from others. Our SACF website and facebook pages  both have  global reach with supporters around the world, so your stories will travel far, and this creates opportunity for new relationships and possible partnerships between fellow service providers.

To this end the SACF will be showcasing some of the leaders in our care sector around the country and sharing their stories of themselves and their organisations with the sector, so watch this space!

On the local front arSACFound Cape Town, the conversation hubs are proving to be good opportunities for people to network and to engage in different conversations. The last Hub focused on the power of music and was facilitated by local music therapist, Karyn Stuart. It was at the same time as the  documentary  “Alive Inside” came to South Africa.  Karyn reflected on this.

The Hub on the 17th July at Langverwag in Stellenbosch,  is going to be about palliative care in long-term care. Sr Franciscah Tsikai from the Island Hospice in Harare, Zimbabwe, will be sharing with us and facilitating our conversation around palliative care. Details will be sent out shortly, so let us know of you are coming. There is no charge for the Hubs.

Our August Hub will take the form of a “brekka hub” so that it doesn’t break your day. Watch this space.

The Hubs can spread to the other provinces – please let us know if you’d like to assist in facilitating this networking. Your organisation will benefit from getting involved for the greater good of our sector.

Book the date in your diary – 17 September – Prof Jaco Hoffman is coming to Cape Town and will facilitate a one day workshop “Delving into the Ethics of Care”. This is based on the successful workshop series held at the Institute of Population Ageing at Oxford University in the UK. Details will be sent out shortly. Ensure you don’t miss this exciting workshop – a first for the care sector.

Care Home Open Day was celebrated around South Africa on Friday 19th June. Share your stories and happenings. The SACF joined with other homes around the world – Australia, the UK, Malta. See our Facebook page and website for the pictures that reflect the many fun happenings.